Monday, July 26, 2004

Something beautiful for a change

200 million yen lottery ticket given to Fukui flood victims

FUKUI (Kyodo) The winner of a 200 million yen [about ?2 million or $2 million] lottery prize has donated the lucky ticket to victims of the recent heavy rain in Fukui Prefecture [which has caused massive devastation and killed several people], Fukui Gov. Issei Nishikawa said Saturday.

The ticket for the grand prize in the June 15 Dream Jumbo lottery was received through the mail Friday at the Fukui Prefectural Government office with a note saying it is a donation, Nishikawa told a news conference. The letter was postmarked Thursday with a fictitious sender's name and address.

"I've learned of the damage from the Fukui heavy rain through newspapers and the (TV) news," the note read. "I hope this will prove of some help to those who have unfortunately incurred damages."

Nishikawa said, "I'd like to express my appreciation by publicizing this, because we can't confirm who made the donation."
(from the Japan Times)

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