Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Demonstrations in Mongolia (I eat my words)

demo in ulan bator

Last Saturday I wrote:

It would be pleasant though to think that a popular uprising in Asia just across the border from China's Xinjiang region might encourage grassroots movements across East Asia, just as the revolutions in the Ukraine and Georgia seem to have been a factor in the Kyrgyz revolution. I doubt that this will be the case, except perhaps in Xinjiang.

But on Friday there had already been a demonstration in Ulan Bator (capital of Mongolia), according to this BBC article:

Mongolians protest for new poll

Activists in Mongolia are calling for fresh elections and have demanded an end to official corruption.

They held protests outside parliament in the capital Ulan Bator on Friday, and say they have more planned.

The action appears to have been inspired by the situation in nearby Kyrgyzstan, where the government has been ousted by a popular uprising.

Mongolian Prime Minister Tsakhilganiin Elbegdorj has appeared on national television to appeal for calm.

One protester said another demonstration was planned for 7 April, the day parliament is due to open its Spring session.

"We will gather more people and we will hold more street demonstrations," said J Batzandan, a 30-year-old lawyer and university lecturer.


I am very happy to eat my words. It shows that I know next to nothing about Mongolia.

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