Saturday, March 26, 2005

Taiwanese government encourages street demo

The demonstration, which will be later today, is against China's recent 'anti-secession' law.

Taipei, March 25 (CNA) With more than one million people expected to turn out in Taiwan for Saturday's protest against China's Anti-Secession Law, organizers are taking pains Friday to ensure the event is a success. The Taiwan Democratic Alliance for Peace, which is organizing the protest, is an umbrella group consists of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, the Taiwan Solidarity Union and others. It said Friday that more than 5,000 tour buses will pull into Taipei from around the island Saturday

From an article on the Taiwanese government website

Interesting that the number of coaches is mentioned. Coach bookings seem to be how the UK Stop the War organisers predict the size of their marches: it was clear ahead of time that the march in February 2003 was going to be huge, although they were surprised when it turned out to be close to 2 million. If the march in Taiwan reaches 1 million it will be a greater percentage since Taiwan has a population of around 22.5 million (2003 figure from Taiwan govt site) to the UK's 60 miilion or so.

BBC article on the march

Reaction from a Chinese government academic on Xinhua.

Another BBC article, mentioning the Chinese reaction.

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